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The 620B is a rugged, versatile ag-airplane - specially designed to make you money. Its reliable Pratt & Whitney R-985 engine provides enough power to haul a hopper full of circus elephants while the fuel cost is only peanuts. The 620B flies like an airplane - not like a tractor. Its impressive performance offers owner-operators of 620Bs many profit-making advantages.

Reliable Pratt & Whitney R-985 power 

Because the Weatherly 620B is an efficient airplane, it can carry the same load as its competitors with less power. This means less fuel and more profit. The R-985 costs less to feed, less to maintain and less to overhaul than the larger engines used in competitive airplanes. Yet most operators are able to haul a full load of 355 gallons of spray. The R-985 with the Hartzell 3-bladed propeller is a much quieter combination as well.


Pratt & Whitney & Hartzell Combination
Pratt & Whitney & Hartzell Combination

Effective control of spray pattern

Efficient control surfaces, tip vanes, Weath-Aero fan and the pneumatic boom system work together with the 620B's agile flight characteristics and instant control responses to enable you to do a better job than competitors who only wish they owned a Weatherly. With just a flick of a finger the airplane puts the spray where you want it - and keeps it from going where you don't. An environmentalist may even invite you to lunch!

pneumatic split-boom system

Pneumatic Split-Boom System

Weath-Aero fan cuts costs

Weatherly's leadership continues with the innovative Weath-Aero fan. It's blades feather during ferrying and at the end of a spray run. This reduces drag to a small fraction of the drag offered by old-fashioned fixed pitch, brake type fans. The operator adjusts the blade angle during flight to obtain the needed boom pressure. This results in better control of the spray pattern, keeping you another step ahead of the competition. Weatherly's competitors offer the Weath-Aero fan as an option - Weatherly Aviation offers it as standard equipment.

weath-aero fan & pump assembly

Weath-Aero Fan & Pump Assembly

Heavy-duty landing gear

The 620 series airplanes feature Oleo landing gear suspension, pinned at the spar so that landing loads are transmitted to the spar in a manner that avoids twisting stresses. A trailing strut carries forward and aft loads during landing. The landing gear's wide track provides excellent ground handling characteristics not available from a spring type landing gear. There are also no side loads on the tires during normal landings. This means that you can be flying while your competitor is driving to the tire store!

Oleo strut type landing gear

Oleo Strut Type Landing Gear

Outstanding cockpit visibility and comfort

If you always like to see where you're going, where you've been and what you're doing, you should be flying the 620B. The redesigned cockpit makes the pilot's workplace a comfortable and safe environment.

Rugged construction

The 620B fuselage features monocoque construction to reduce airframe weight. It allows simple less expensive replacement in the unlikely event that damage occurs. Large openings and removable panels make the 620B easy to inspect and maintain. The hopper construction is sturdy, chemical-resistant and tough. The wing leading edges are attached with piano hinges to the wing is easily inspected for damage or corrosion.

Night lighting option

The Weatherly night lighting system allows you to work while your competition sleeps. This option features two 600 watt lights, turning lights, wing tip strobes along with a larger alternator. It effectively lights the flight path for safe night spraying and fertilizing operations. 

wing night lights
Wing Night Lights


Tip vanes for increased efficiency

Only Weatherly airplanes offer the wing tip vane feature. They diffuse the normal formation of the wing tip vortex< creating a strong downwash outboard of the tip, introducing smaller vortices in the tip area. This results in both a delay in the formation of the trailing vortex and a decrease in its intensity. What the operator sees is and increase in hte speed of the airplane at a given power setting and a more even distribution of the spray pattern without drift. Competitive aircraft will have tip vanes one day, but until then, you can only get them on a Weatherly.
Wing tip vane

Wing Tip Vane 

The 620B Allows you to spray where you want to

- The airplane is nimble and quick.
- Wing tip vanes control the tip vortex, reducing drift.
- Aerodynamically balanced controls allow precision flying.
  The 620B reduces pilot fatigue
- Control forces are light.
- Noise levels are low.
- Spacious cockpit.


The 620B makes you money

- Less fuel is used to pull the airplane through the air.
- It hauls more load, faster and at less cost.
- Tire wear is far less than with spring gear airplanes.
- 90 gallons of usable fuel.


The wing's the thing

- The 620B wing has a high lift to drag ratio, resulting in an excellent all-around performance for ag operations.
- With a 15 percent thickness wing you can fly slowly over a small field
- performing jobs your competitors only wish they could


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