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Part #: FALCON


Warranty: 2 Years

Lead Time: October 2022

Any G4 systems purchased in 2022 before the Falcon release date will have the opportunity to trade in that G4 system for an additional $3,000 USD in October 2022. All Codes paid for on G4 will be transferred to the Falcon.

Yorkton Aircraft has been a Satloc Dealer since 1995! Falcon systems purchased from Yorkton Aircraft will come with FREE 24/7 SYSTEM SUPPORT & TROUBLESHOOTING FOR THE LIFETIME OF THAT SYSTEM!


Experience Increased Functionality and Pilot Interface
- Streamlined and modernized user interface
- 48% smaller than the G4, yet faster and smarter
- Up to 8x more memory compared to the G4
- New tactile input suited for gloves and/or turbulent environment
- Multi-function
- Greater Accuracy
- With the L8, uses new LED lights to indicate height above canopy correction from Ag Laser input
- With the L8, visually Alerts pilots of obstacles (planes, towers, powerlines, etc.) as indicated through ADS-B In and obstacles files

Newly Integrated
- Satloc Cloud (no more need for memory sticks)
- Automatically send current/closed logs to Satloc Cloud
- Digitally send new jobs from Satloc Cloud
- Satloc Cloud provides real-time visualization of the planes
- Background maps
- Wi-Fi
- ADS-B In
- Falcon Hopper fill meter
- AgLaser Input
- Controls and/or monitor 4 boom valves
- Serial/CAN for 3rd party connection
- Programmable top hat input
- Ultra-low volume flow control

Designed for Easy Installation
- Rack mount
- Small connections and cut-to-length cables for optional I/O
- Redesigned signal/wire distribution

Optional Upgrades
- New exclusive partnership allows an integrated AIMMS system with the Falcon, reducing components, installation, and especially cost
- Enhanced tracking with integrated Inertial Measurements Unit (IMU)
Same Feature/Unlocks as G4
- Combined and integrated with Intelliflow 1, 2 and 3 (wet/dry/granular)
- Meterate incorporated to operate seamlessly
- Prescription Maps/Variable Rate (liquid & dry)
- Realtime DAAM connection
- Convert .shp files to .job files
- &-inch or 9-inch touchscreen display
- Rugged, glare-resistant lightbar (L&/L8), optional night flying LED’s
- Data sharing with 3rd Party Software
- Withstand rugged conditions
- Atomizer RPM monitor & record
- Free software updates