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Andre, Pilot for C-GMLO, 510P Forestry Pilot:

I am an older pilot and I have flown just about everything in and outside of Ag.  I was "delighted" with this aircraft on my first flight in it.  That has never happened before in my career and says a great deal about the aircraft!  I immediately noticed its stability and pilot friendliness.  It was a true joy to fly and I hope to do the 2022 forestry contract in a Thrush.  

Gary Kurys, Owner of C-FXOC, 2021:

I love, love, love this plane. My wife Karen is right, I should have done this 10 years ago. I would be happy to talk to anyone about my experience with the plane and my buy experience with Yorkton Aircraft.  Just call me!

And here is some video content to enjoy. 
We had the pleasure of sitting down with two high-time Ag pilots after completing their first season in a Thrush 510. Both were high-time Air Tractor pilots.

Part One - "The Aircraft to Be In"

Rob Adams shares his perspectives on:

Factory simulator/training                The cockpit
Take-off and landing ease               The stick forces
The gear                                            The flying stability
Fatigue factors                                  The aircraft profile

Part Two - "I Love It" 

Paul O'Carroll, a passionate aviator and an experienced Ag pilot shares his experience and perspectives after his first season in the Thrush 510. Paul talks about:

Getting comfortable                       Crosswind capabilities
Landing ease                                 Take off differences
Turn stability                                   Seat arrangement
Visibility                                          Engine monitoring
The aircraft profile


  • Unmatched stability and control

  • 365 square feet of wing area

  • Wire strike protection is standard

  • MVP-50 glass panel cockpit display

  • Powder-coated airframe

  • 29,000 hour wing spar life

  • Rugged 18ft long stainless steel belly skins

  • Chromate chemical conversion on each aluminum part

  • Stress relieves all stress steel parts including engine mount, wing attach tubes and landing attach point

  • Stainless steel cam locks, studs and grommets

  • Premium purchases parts

  • A warranty you can take to the bank: One year on all Thrush manufactured parts

To receive more information about the Thrush Aircraft or to receive a quote please contact Cheryl or Tanner. We would love to answer any questions you have!

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