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Yorkton Aircraft is breaking into the Northern States in 2022 bringing support to US operators & pilots as we build on the Thrush Nation Momentum we've built in Canada to the United States! 

To receive more information about Thrush Aircraft or want to set up a meet and greet, please get in touch with Cheryl or Tanner. We'd love to meet you! 

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Video testimony coming in Late Summer!

We contacted two Australian owners via the Facebook Messenger app in May 2021 and randomly asked if they would talk about their 710. 

More than happy to oblige was Frank Drinan, Owner of Keyland Air Services and Craig Crossingham, Owner of Central Highlands Aerial Services

Here is what they had to say.

Frank Drinan, conducts Ag work primarily but also performs fire-fighting with his 710 on an as-needed basis.

  • I own a 710P and have ordered another to be delivered to Australia in October 2021. We conduct Ag work primarily but also perform fire-fighting with the 710 on an as-needed basis.
  • From my observation, the 710 can go further into the heat of the day than an 8 with a similar engine.  The longitudinal door (Bombay style) adds 80 or 90 gallons so there's really no capacity difference as the 802s never go out full anyway, mostly 650 to 720 gals in typical fire conditions. I have another 710 arriving new in October, so YES we love it.
  • The aircraft flies similarly to the 510 just heavier on the aileron but any 510 pilot should have no trouble transitioning.
  • Pilots with experience in both aircraft types will admit that "doing a day in the Thrush is far less tiring" as well so there's a fatigue safety advantage.  
  • And you cannot turn an 8 safely anywhere near like you can in a 710.  Pilots will openly tell you that a Thrush will talk to you (in the seat and through the stick) long before you are near a stall.  In fact, the plane is almost impossible to stall.  The same cannot be said about the Air Tractor line.
Craig Crossingham offers a unique perspective since he owns 2-AT802s and 2-710Ps.  His company competes for government-based fire contracts and they also perform Ag work. 
  • I would have preferred to have owned four 710 Thrush (I own 2-710s and 2-802s), but we had to be competitive on fire contracts, and so went for the larger aircraft because Governments "think" the firework is best suited to the 802, larger gross weight and payload, and fuel range and have become the accepted standard by governments. 
  • That said we use our 710s on firework as well, and personally, they fly better on the job.
  • The 710s are faster, they fit in tighter spaces, they fit under powerlines, they are more stable on rough days, more cost-effective on Ag work especially when you consider, on average we return better hourly revenues than our 8's, and weighing that up against the buy-in price ….,
  • The 710  is a heavier aircraft, and much faster than the 510.  Pilots will use more rudders flying the 710.
  • As for a multi-role aircraft, I feel the 710 Thrush sits head & shoulders above all others.  If I didn't have to deal with Government agencies, I would only own 710s.
  • I know the Australian pilot who did the "Aircraft to Be In" video and I have to admit to being surprised when I saw it because back here in Aus he works for a yellow company.  Good on Rob for telling it the way it is!
When we ask about differences in speed, commenters say that it is hard to provide data but they are quick to observe that the 710P flies faster than the 802.   When we ask about the better engine to use, Craig offered this: If you aren't flying at high altitudes, you don't need the -67. Circumstances are such that I have both engines in operation: a 710 with a -67 and one with a -65. I see no need for a -67 on the 710.
  • Unmatched stability and control
  • Wire strike protection is standard
  • 405 square feet of wing area 
  • Powder-coated airframe
  • 11,000-hour wing spar life
  • Rugged 18ft long stainless steel belly skins
  • Chromate chemical conversion on each aluminum part
  • Stress relieves all stress steel parts including engine mount, wing attach tubes and landing attach point
  • Stainless steel cam locks, studs and grommets
  • Premium purchases parts
  • Best warranty in the business: 1 year on all Thrush manufactured parts

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