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Part #: AU5000


Model: Standard AU5000

Mesh Size: (10, 14, 20)

Leadtime: 6-8 Weeks

Boom Profile Typical application: Piston aircraft and some Turbo Forestry Work 

Atomizers can deliver smaller droplets than conventional hydraulic nozzles. Their great advantage is the ability to alter droplet size independently of boom pressure or airspeed and to do this as spray conditions change. Any particular droplet can produce 8 droplets at half of its diameter.  If you have a 500-micron droplet (which is huge in the spraying world) and have the means to cut that droplet in half (atomizers) you will produce 8 - 250 micron droplets.  Now we are talking penetration and coverage!

Special Notes: Atomizer kits include the atomizer, the mounting clamp, the variable restrictor unit, and the check valve, and all mounting hardware.

All Atomizer prices are subject to change pending vendor notice of price increase.

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Payment can be made in either US or CAD funds. CAD value of the product is determined on import day. If you wish to pay for Atomizer sets by Credit Card, we will have to add 1.5% to the above pricing.

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