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The Satloc Cloud is a web-based tracking tool that allows users to view the location of one or multiple aircraft in real time. - View real time flight tracks and spray tracks.

- Visualize job polygons assigned to aircraft on the Cloud map.

- Optional mapping interface with background terrain or non-terrain maps.


The Satloc Cloud gives the ability to quickly transfer data to and from aircraft automatically, without pilot interaction. G4 automatically receives job files needed to move quickly to the next job while still in the air, saving time and fuel. Application logs are automatically sent to the Cloud, harmonizing aircraft and billing operations. Direct data connection is available to transfer jobs and logs to/from 3rd party billing and management companies.

- Automatically send/receive: Job files, PMAPS, Shape Files, and Log files. No pilot interaction required

- Job and Log files are automatically transferred when connected to internet. If no connection available at the time job is completed, then the file will transfer automatically once there is an available network.

- 3rd party software support with: CHEM MAN, FLIGHT PLAN ONLINE, SURETY

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