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Yorkton Aircraft is breaking into the Northern States in 2022 bringing support to US operators & pilots as we build on the Thrush Nation Momentum we've built in Canada to the United States! 

To receive more information about Thrush Aircraft or want to set up a meet and greet, please get in touch with Cheryl or Tanner. We'd love to meet you! 
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Thrush Aircraft has announced new 510 models coming in 22'-23'. The P2 (-34) and P2+ (-140) will be mounted on the lighter, faster, more streamlined 510G (H80) Airframe. Standard options will include UV-resistant cool windows, Storm Shield, and Garmin G5. Both the P2 & P2+ will come standard with a 4-bladed prop, which will greatly improve the -34 performance when mounted on the lighter more streamlined airframe giving operators a great option if the -140 does not fit your operation!

The factory is sold out and we are actively quoting a 710P for December 22' and P2, P2+ for Q1 of 23'!

P2 & P2+ Ag Air Update Article

In the meantime here is some Thrush video content to enjoy if you have not seen it! We had the pleasure of sitting down with two high-time Ag pilots after completing their first season in a Thrush 510. Both were high-time Air Tractor pilots.

Part One - "The Aircraft to Be In"
Rob Adams shares his perspectives on:

Factory simulator/training                The cockpit
Take-off and landing ease               The stick forces
The gear                                            The flying stability
Fatigue factors                                  The aircraft profile

Part Two - "I Love It" 
Paul O'Carroll, a passionate aviator and an experienced Ag pilot shares his experience and perspectives after his first season in the Thrush 510. Paul talks about:
Getting comfortable                       Crosswind capabilities
Landing ease                                 Take off differences
Turn stability                                   Seat arrangement
Visibility                                          Engine monitoring
The aircraft profile


To receive more information about the Thrush Aircraft or to receive a quote please contact Cheryl or Tanner. We would love to answer any questions you have!

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