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Part #: Li2800QC Twin Pac


Model: Lithium PSU (31v)

Twin Trolley: Included

Shipping: Included 

This compact, portable Lithium-ion starting unit is a full 28VDC battery pack and will provide superior starts on electrically started turbine engines. Designed for engine starting only, the lithium technology is the lightest available on the market, which makes this lithium GPU ideal to preserve payload when the unit is being carried out in the field.

Versatile and robust, this Twin Pac can be used as a single unit or separated into two complete Lithium units that can easily be carried on board. When used as a Twin Pac set up, this unit will provide additional capacity for an increased number of starts before it needs to be recharged.

This patented START PAC® unit will provide a faster and cooler engine start than most ship’s aircraft batteries (the turbine is spooled to more revolutions per second before fuel is injected). Thus, turbine life will be extended because there is less stress on the starter and other engine components. This will preserve the aircraft’s costly batteries and help lower operating costs. Your airborne, on- board battery can then be saved for emergency use only. As a START PAC® secures all your engine starts, this unit will ensure that you have no downtime, even in remote locations.

This START PAC® has separate removable batteries that can be changed in less than one minute (no tool necessary). This unique feature allows the user to switch the batteries in the field without needing to return the unit to the shop or manufacturer for battery replacement; it’s virtually maintenance free.

The Li2800QC Twin Pac is coated in an environmentally responsible, low VOC powder coating, which protects it from wear, tear and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, an all-weather cover is also available as an option to protect this unit further from inclement weather and to gain the maximum performance and product life.

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