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Part #: 6028QC


Model: Lead Acid PSU (31v)

Shipping: Included

This START PAC® will provide a faster and cooler engine start than most ship’s aircraft batteries (the turbine is spooled to more revolutions per second before fuel is injected). Thus, turbine life will be extended because there is less stress on the starter and other engine components. This will preserve the aircraft’s costly batteries and help lower operating costs. Your on-board battery can then be saved for emergency use only.

This portable starting unit can be used at home base and in the field; it will start any turbine or piston engine. Indeed, it will secure all your engine starts, preventing you from experiencing any downtime, even in remote locations.

This patented START PAC® unit has separate removable batteries that can be changed in less than one minute (no tool necessary). This unique feature allows the user to switch the batteries in the field without needing to return the unit to the shop or manufacturer for battery replacement; it’s virtually maintenance free. Additionally, certain aircraft will allow the ship’s generator to back charge a GPU. In this manner, the START PAC® unit can be recharged in the field indefinitely without an AC source.

The environmentally responsible, low VOC powder coating protects the case of the unit from wear, tear and poor weather conditions. Additionally, an all-weather accessory is also available as an option to protect it further from inclement weather ensuring maximum performance and product life.

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