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Micronair Micromiser atomisers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)/ drones have been developed by applying over 60 years of experience in the design and use of rotary atomisers for manned aircraft to the challenges presented by this emerging application platform.


The Micronair Micromiser range has been designed to meet the exacting needs of Low Volume (LV) and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spray applications from UAVs/ drones. The Micromiser 12 is ideal for most operations, offering the ability to adjust droplet size by adjusting atomiser RPM. The Micromiser 16 is recommended for space spraying applications, where an extremely fine droplet size is required. Both atomisers are driven by 24V DC brushless motors for maximum reliability.

Mounting into a range of platforms is simple, with easy mounting onto brackets possible via the two tapped holes on the Micromiser. A 4-pin cable connector allows easy connection of the atomiser to power and speed control (Micromiser 12 only) as well as providing an RPM pulse output for monitoring during operation.

The Micromiser range is designed for spraying a wide range of liquids in droplets of precisely controlled size. No high liquid pressures are required for operation and there are no small internal orifices to block. This allows for simple application of viscous materials and liquids with a high solids content.

Light weight and low power requirement

Power and payload are some of the most important considerations when considering equipment for UAVs/ drones. The Micronair Micromisers have been designed from the ground up with this consideration in mind, offering a low power consumption of <10W and weighing in at only 240g.

Droplet size control

The unique benefits of rotary atomisation ensure that droplet sizes are precisely controlled by atomising using rotary centrifugal energy. This allows optimal droplet sizes for each application to be selected, minimising wastage to both over- and under-sized droplets.

The Micromiser 12 allows easy selection of droplet size via adjustment of the rotational speed of the atomiser. With integration into suitable UAV/ drone systems, in-flight droplet size control is possible.

The Micromiser 16 is designed for space spraying applications and thus produces extremely fine droplet sizes by spinning at a high rotational speed. While this speed is non-adjustable, the benefits of rotary atomisation ensure a tight control on droplet sizes produced.

Cost effective

Spray application from UAVs/ drones is a balancing act between endurance and application rates. The Micromiser range offers improved work rates through accurate and effective application, helping make that balancing act that little bit easier.

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