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Latest Software: MapStar_8.6.40.1327 (2021)

Free Updated MapStar 8 Download here!

MapStar® is a pre-application mapping and post-application analysis log replay software. MapStar allows you to import/export common GIS file formats, such as CAD DXF, MapInfo MID/MIF, and Esri® shapefile (SHP) as well as view, analyze, and export log data from any Saltoc logging product. MapStar® includes support for variable rate applications and prescription maps.

Increase customer satisfaction with MapStar® software. Save time and money by pre-planning your route uploading GIS maps or manually entering GIS coordinates beforehand. Perform post-application analysis of spray and flight path data. View and print graphical reports by converting data logged with a Satloc guidance system, such as time, date, position at each logging interval, altitude, heading, wind speed and direction, GPS information, mark locations, flow rate, cross-track error, acre accumulation and more.


  • Pre-plan spray jobs
  • Create or edit waypoints, field boundaries, and patterns
  • View area sprayed, chemical amounts applied, and latitude and longitude positions
  • Measure distance and area
  • Import Shape, DXF, and MID/MIF file formats
  • Convert GIS files
  • Export logs to Shape, DXF, MID/MIF, or custom ASCII file formats
  • View and print log files on job or in office

Lastest Improvements

1. Incorporated the Product Profile Maker application. The Dry Profile Maker application is now included with MapStar and can be launched through the MapStar software.

2. Added functionality to read and display the Transland Meterate data recorded on the G4 log file.

3. Improved the “Combine Log Files” menu to be able to print and view multiple log files at once.

4. Added support to the Flow Report module to print on all Windows 10 versions.

5. Improved the accuracy of spray events on the Map View when using polygons with the Auto Boom in the G4.

6. Added a feature in the Export Menu called Spot Spraying Points. This is ideal for helicopters that do spot spraying instead of typical swath style application.

7. Added Spanish, when selected, to the Spray lines analysis outside of the JOB polygon Flow Report.

8. Updated the exported Shape file name to include the entire original LOG name.

9. Updated the non-spray filename to be NonSpray (formerly NonSpray_Polys).

10. Updated two buttons on the Log Export Page for clarity:

a). Button “Detailed Spray Points Shape (SHP)”

b). Button “Spray Polygons ONLY Shape (SHP)” 

To Unlock MapStar8, we need your Serial Number that is located under HELP - KEY CODE ENTRY. Please Email us and we will generate your KEY CODE

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