Agriculture 5 Point Harness Airbags

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Part #: AMSAFE


Model: AmSafe 4/5-Point Airbag Restraint System

Lead Time: 10-12 weeks

The AmSafe 4 or 5-Point Shoulder Harness Airbag System has the following characteristics
  • Dual shoulder harness airbags pretension the restraint, essentially stopping forward head excursion
  • Reduces shoulder harness web loads – less seat deformation, less chance of structural failure
  • Increased restraint surface area against the occupant reduces internal chest loadingSupports the head and neck, especially important for side impacts.

This system is standard equipment on Air Tractor agricultural aircraft and available on Daher-Socata TBM aircraft and Ipanema agricultural aircraft.

4-Point Shoulder Harness Airbag Restraint vs Standard 4-Point Restraint  

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